The Lone Ranger

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The Lone Ranger

The first episode explained how the Lone Ranger got his name and mission to clean up the West. As John Reid he had been one of six Texas Rangers bushwacked by the merciless Butch Cavendish Hole in the Wall Gang, but who had been saved from death by a kindly Indian named Tonto, who said, ‘You only Ranger left. You Lone Ranger now.’ By a tremendous coincidence, the Lone Ranger had saved the life of the selfsame Indian many years before. ‘You kemo sabe,’ said Tonto, ‘it means “trusty scout”. ‘ And stopping only to don his mask, the Lone Ranger set off to avenge his comrades and right wrongs in nineteenth century Texas accompanied by his Indian companion and his horse, Silver

The Lone Ranger TV

I am no “spring” chicken and so, I do remember as part of growing up, sitting in front of a small black and white TV on Saturday mornings, watching one of my favorite hero’s, The Lone Ranger. The “good” guys wore white hats and rode beautiful white horses and the “bad” guys always wore black hats and rode black horses. It was quite easy to determine who were good and who were bad, back in the old days.
However, those days are long behind us. Today, some unknown can come riding into town, to the cheers of all the people, because the people were primed beforehand by all the Media and TOLD that person was “good” for them. That person would change their town for the better by clearing out all the bad guys and not leaving anything behind. The people would no longer be at war with terrorists; they would be told there is no war on terror and that there would be a chicken in everyone’s pot; and all their hopes and dreams would be fulfilled by this one man who just rode into town.
Of course, all the people were so anxious to place their hopes on this one person. After all, almost ten years of wars and fears of being attacked were tiresome to most folks in town. So, the people did not ask questions about the man who supposedly wore a white hat and rode a white horse; they knew nothing about his background and could only glean what the man said about himself from his autobiography. Or, maybe from what his own pastor taught for the past 20 years. But, that chicken in the pot sure smells good!
And so, when Americans voted, they tripped over each other to vote for this man. Oh, happy days are here again! And all the people cheered.
Two and a half years later, we see a different scene. The man with all the promises has not fulfilled not one of them, and the chicken in every pot has become potato soup or baked beans – both very tasty, but not for every meal.
What happened to that masked man who rode into town to the sound of cheers of all the people?
The wars rage on, even after bin Laden was found and eliminated; the people have lost their jobs, many, their homes; and where once the bread-winner was earing dollars, he now is forced to take on work for pennies, if he is “lucky” to find work at all!
A good example is found in Politico: “Obama the Desperate”.
Nine represents 9 percent unemployment. We are nearly two years into economic recovery, and our country still faces record high levels of unemployment
                                                                                                                                                                                   Our borders remain unsafe and insecure, but our president speaks of alligators in moats, to mock Americans who demand that our government protects us from harm.  There is a war on terrorism continuing, with terrorists captured at our borders, and yet we have an inexperienced man with a heart for American Islam (a minority representing America) as president, and now, we hear the sounds of hoof prints beating down upon us, as he begins to campaign for another term. He spent two and a half years campaigning for his healthcare bill (a failure) and now, all time will be spent lavishing praise upon anyone who will listen, seeking one billion in donations for his re-election, with more of the same old speeches and promises on every news channel in America.
ENOUGH! Please, do not torture us any longer! Keep those speeches down to a minimum, please! We’ve heard it all before! We have witnessed the betrayal of our allies, especially that of Israel, and the damage done to-date, will take the next president at least 8 more years before our allies may begin to trust America, again.
This time, may each of us have learned from the past; investigate the background of what each candidate has done for America, before believing what he or she will do for America. The good guys no longer wear white hats and it’s time we learned to do our own thinking, never trusting smooth words that would melt butter, and cool-looking grins. Check, to see if they must use a teleprompter before speaking – a sure sign that when someone speaks the truth, there would be no need for a teleprompter..Remove the mask before voting in 2012.
Get ready! Not everyone who shouts “Hi-Ho Silver and away!” is a good guy.
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