May 19, 2011 – The Day America is betrayed and Israel, our ally, thrown under the bus (again!)

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May 19, 2011 – Mark this day down in your journals, as it will be a day in history when a President of the United States crossed the line and betrayed the State of Israel, along with the Americans.
Obama gave a speech to the “Arab” world earlier today.  Response to that speech will be pouring in for days to come as the most out-landish, un-American speeches presented to America and the world.
While Obama speaks of “America” insisting that Israel return to its “67” borders,and implies (more than once) that Israelis are the “occupiers”, I must ask, how are the Jews occupiers of their own lands?
Hamas linked up with Fatah – it’s a signed, sealed and delivered deal, with Egypt as their mediator.  Fatah chose Hamas over negotiating with Israel for peace.  No one put a gun at the head of Abbas, no one twisted his arm to make this deal; he chose it openly and proudly.  This, while Hamas cries “Death to Israel, Death to the Jews”.
Therefore, when Obama speaks of the Palestinian Authority, he speaks now of Hamas – Hamas is the Palestinian Authority – period!  Hamas is listed as a terrorist organization by the U.S. government – when was it removed from our List of Terrorists?!
How does a nation make peace with terrorists?  Does it give terrorists all they want on a silver plater, without first making sure the
terrorists are intent on laying down their arms, waving a white flag, and demonstrating they wish to make peace?  Has the United States allowed Al Qaeda
and other Muslim terrorist organizations to murder U.S. citizens?  Or are we on constant alert to prevent another attack like 9-11?  Are our troops dining with
terrorists, or fighting them?  Have we invited these Muslim terrorists to come live next door to us and share our meals with us? Google and read the Hamas Charter!  For that matter, do the same for the PLO/PA Charter – both cry death to the State of Israel and death to the Jews.  (silently, they feel the same towards the West).  Haven’t
you seen the videos of Palestinian Arabs dancing on 9-11?  There were in Gaza, passing out treats and celebrating – have we forgotten who our enemies are so soon?
Read more at Real Americans Defend Israel (see videos included) 🙂
There is also an article on what Obama wants to give Hamas .. look at the holy sites Christians would not longer be able to visit ….!!
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