Psychiatric Medicine’s Biggest Achievement? Tricking the masses…

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Does ADD really exist?

Once upon a Time in America, American families would sit around and listen to radio broadcasts for hours as the main source of entertainment. Fast forward a few years and the television took over as the primary source of entertainment for American families. When I was a child during the 80s and television programming was very elaborate, there were many channels with many different versions of programming for the American people to choose from. However it seems that certain channels were more popular than others, this being especially true when the viewers are broken into age demographics. I consider myself as part of the MTV generation. When I was at the most crucial stages of mental development in my life, I now believe I was being preprogrammed to not accept information  that is not summarized or shortened. Right around this time in the 1980s, MTV
was gaining mass popularity. So, advertisers were using this station to appeal to the younger generation for any purpose that suited their companies
advertising needs. My father would often talk about this as he could compare it to the advertisement and entertainment that he had seen as a child, saying that watching a few minutes of the show’s and commercials on that channel would give him a headache. Being young and full of energy myself, I just thought to myself, that must be what age does to a man. Now it’s years later and I have seen with my own eyes the damage this has caused our nation. At first I just assumed that our generation was different. I just thought my peers had not learned proper social skills and the mass majority of them would never be able to allow you to finish all of your statements before starting their own reply. I eventually got myself doing the same thing, not even listening to what someone was saying, just interrupting with my own opinions and thoughts. Becoming aware of this I became somewhat of a conversation mediator. By this I mean someone who forcibly makes someone else stop his or her interruption and let the original talker finish. I
had not drawn the co-relation for years that this is actually what they call ADD in effect.

Does ADD exist? The symptoms absolutely do, however the disease itself has been created to explain those symptoms. These symptoms that I am referring to are similar to the comparison I made just now about the teenagers who are not able to carry on decent conversations. These symptoms of hyperactivity, lack of focus, and poor study habits are a direct result of fast-paced advertising and mind deterioration from watching too much television. Since the 80s, the fast-paced advertising and quick switch camera views in all movies and commercials have basically changed the way we as a people accept information forever. Even as you are reading this, a large percentage of you will have to reread something or pause due to having your own thought or opinion pop into your head before you have completed reading the information I am writing. This has nothing to do with a disease. Webster defines a disease as a disordered or incorrectly functioning organ, parts, structure, or system of the body resulting from the effect of genetic or developmental errors, infection, poisons, nutritional deficiency or imbalance, toxicity, or unfavorable environment factors; illness; sickness; ailment. The National Institute for Mental Health was caught in a lie at a conference in 1998 and even they could not describe what ADD actually is. 
So now we know the real cause of the disorders; let’s discuss possible solutions. We are evolving every day, every week, and every year more and more. How do we expect a school system that has been in play for 150 years to keep up with the evolution of our race? We can’t! It is on us as parents to take the extra time to educate, stimulate, and nurture our children’s developmental growth. To just look to the psychiatric industry for a quick fix and pop a pill into the kid’s mouth is unacceptable. Bipolar, depression, anxiety, sleep problems, and ADD ALL exist however, only in reference to the symptoms not the disorders. Our government has tricked millions of people into believing they are messed up and need medication every single day in order to make it through. I am here to tell you that that is simply bullshit. Prozac was first given to the Jews in World War II in their drinking water, it was found to make them more complacent and easier to manage. Look it up. The pharmaceutical and psychiatric industries are responsible for millions of deaths every year. Look it up. This is the most blatant form of population control I have ever witnessed and I am convinced of what I’m saying to be the truth. I challenge any of you to do the research and notice the similarities between the last real political uprising in our country turning the late 60s and early 70s, and the beginning of pharmaceutical and psychological domination in this country. The hippie’s were not originally seen as drugged out fools. They were smart political-minded, anti-government, peaceful activists. You ask any young person what and who the hippies were and you will see how powerful our government really is. How good they are at burying the truth and dancing around what is right. How good they are at making anyone who opposes them look foolish and crazy. Stop looking to these people for the answers, stop trusting them, especially when it comes to the health of our children. 
Only God knows what’s best for us, only he should be deciding what goes into our bodies. Live clean, live pure, face your problems head on, do not hide from them using drugs. Everyone has periods or small amounts of ADD, depression, anxiety, and bipolar. For some people, these periods can last longer and be more intense than for others. It is up to you as an individual to find what works for you. There are many natural remedies for all of these so-called conditions and their symptoms given to us by God in the form of vitamins, exercise, and enjoying the
beautiful things life has to offer. If you haven’t found what helps with the depression, anxiety, and mood swings, then keep looking, don’t give up on yourself, you can do it. Don’t become one of the millions of people that dies every year from these drugs, or the other millions of people that suffer horrible side effects, or the other millions of people that suffer normal side effects, or the hundreds of millions of people whose lives were affected when their loved ones were forever changed or killed